Rooftop tents are actually very reliable and useful!

When private cars are gradually popularized in China, the enthusiasm of Chinese people for self-driving travel is heating up year by year. Many travel enthusiasts like to pursue those inaccessible scenery and enjoy the joy of outdoor camping, but the current outdoor travel is subject to many restrictions - outdoor The conditions of the camping site are relatively harsh. Although the RV is fully functional and comfortable, it is too large and bloated to leave the paved road, and the price is high, which is difficult to meet the real camping in the wild. For those who choose ordinary cars or off-road vehicles. , simply laying down the back row to sleep in the car is only an expedient measure, it is difficult to sleep comfortably.

So, is there a kind of equipment that is really suitable for outdoor travel, which can not only save time and money, but also provide travelers with a “home” during travel, so that they can stop and set up camp at any time and enjoy the beautiful scenery? Yes, that is the roof tent. Next, the editor will introduce you to such a must-have artifact for outdoor travel that has become very popular abroad, and find a more fashionable way of travel for car lovers who love the outdoors.

What is a roof top tent? Is it expensive?

The roof tent is to place the tent on the roof of the car. It is different from the tent that is placed on the ground during outdoor camping. The installation and use of the roof tent are very convenient. It is known as the "home on the roof". At present, it has spread from abroad to China, and many professional roof tent brands have appeared, and all kinds of off-road, SUV, station wagon, MPV, sedan and other models have suitable products. Roof tents have physical sales and installation stores all over the country. Many genuine manufacturers such as Qiuyedi and Orion can also be found on Taobao. The price is about 1500-3800 US dollars. Compared with traditional ground camping tents, it is naturally A lot more expensive.

What are the advantages of roof tents? What are the disadvantages?

Roof tents have many incomparable advantages, so they are welcomed by the majority of ALICE friends. For donkeys, as long as they own a car-top tent, they can “set up camp” anytime, anywhere without having to look for hotels, and save a lot of accommodation costs. Enjoy picnics, barbecues, enjoy the beautiful scenery, lie in the car-top tent at night and watch the splendid starry sky, wake up in the morning and enjoy the baptism of sea breeze and mountain breeze as soon as possible. I think this is the charm of camping.

Most of the roof tents using high-strength fabrics and metal structures have undergone windproof, rainproof, sandproof tests, and even have thermal insulation layers, which can be driven to non-paved roads or even deserts, Gobi, Compared with sleeping in the car, you can obviously save more space in the car, carry more luggage, and sleep more family members or partners. More importantly, the "high above" roof rack also effectively avoids the infestation of snakes, insects and ants.

Of course, the shortcomings of roof tents are also obvious. Due to the heavy weight, wind resistance will be increased after installation, which will increase fuel consumption. Secondly, the current roof tents are generally more expensive, and it is inconvenient to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, so you must pay attention to safety when going up and down the ladder.

Rooftop tents are actually very reliable and useful!