What kind of experience is it to live in a roof top tent on a self-driving tour?

Did you experience it too?

Those who love outdoor camping have probably experienced: bad weather, troubled by ants and insects, unable to camp due to various environmental restrictions, I believe you have been troubled by these messy restrictions, but you must be eager for better Go outside and keep telling yourself in your heart. It's time to have a great outdoor camping!

Self-driving camping in summer is believed to be a new way of weekend leisure for many car owners.


Make an appointment with three or five friends, bring beer, watermelon and barbecue food, a car, a tent, enjoy the coolness of the mountains under the trees during the day, and sit in rows with stars at night. Even without air conditioning, you can enjoy the coolness deep in the mountains. Today, let's talk about the new equipment for summer self-driving camping.

Roof Top Tent

Of course, sleeping on the roof of the car is more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, but the roof tent seems to be a bit unfamiliar to domestic players. But in fact, if you want to play more comfortably, you might as well try this more comfortable, safer and more convenient mobile bedroom - car roof tent.

One thing all roof top tents have in common is that they are very quick to set up.


Unpack the outside, untie some straps, set up the ladder, and you've set up what looks like a clamshell tent. You can put a flat and comfortable high-density mattress and all the bedding in it, including the pillows of course.


This means you create more space for yourself in the rear of the SUV.

What types of roof top tents are there?

1.The first is manual deployment, which requires you to build the tent and place the ladder yourself, but the interior space of the tent will be relatively large. You can also build a large space enclosure under the ladder next to the car for washing clothes, bathing, and seating. Chair rest, outdoor picnic, etc., very practical, the price is the cheapest.

2.The second is a fully automatic roof tent driven by a motor. It is more convenient to open and fold it. Generally, it can be completed automatically within 10 seconds. time.

The third type is a lift-type automatic roof tent. The biggest difference from the second type is that the speed of opening and closing is faster. The roof is generally made of fiberglass. , looks the most concise and beautiful, but the space is also the smallest, and does not provide more occlusion.

What kind of car can be equipped with a roof tent?

The most basic condition for installing a roof tent is to have a roof rack, so off-road and SUV models are the most suitable. Generally, the weight of the roof tent is about 60KG, and the weight of a family of three is about 150-240KG, and the roof load-bearing of most cars is calculated in tons, so as long as the quality of the luggage rack is strong enough, the load-bearing of the roof is no problem. It is recommended to choose to install a separate longitudinal bar or cross bar, most of which can reach a dynamic load capacity of more than 75KG, and the distance from the roof needs to be about 4cm. As long as these conditions are met, most models can be equipped with roof tents by (own or installed) load-bearing luggage racks.


What kind of experience is it to live in a roof top tent on a self-driving tour?