Regarding the safety of lightning weather, predecessors have given a lot of advice, such as: when there is thunder, go back indoors! If you see lightning, avoid it! But what if you're outdoors and can't find a place to hide? Take a look at the advice given by lightning experts below.

1. If you are near a car or other enclosed building or structure (such as a house or barn), hide in! Open buildings without lightning protection, such as camping sheds, small pavilions, and parasols, usually provide little protection and do not stay inside.

2. If you are camping, try not to stay in open spaces and mountain tops. Avoid fences, metal, and tall isolated trees. The tent doesn't give you any protection, especially in the open space, get out of the tent and look for the spot mentioned in the previous point for shelter.

3. If you are in the open field, avoid high ground; avoid touching things with very different properties at the same time, such as water and land, rocks and land, isolated trees and land, etc.; also do not under large rocks, cave entrances stay. Look for trenches, ravines or low ground for shelter.

4. If it is on the water, immediately hide in the cabin. Do not go near radio equipment except in an emergency. Drop the anchor to hold the boat in place and keep your body as low as possible inside the boat. If you are on a rowboat and in open water, keep your body as low as possible in the boat and keep your distance from all metal objects. If there are only rocky cliffs or isolated large trees on the shore, don't go ashore and stay on the boat.

5. This is the most dangerous situation if no shelter can be found, but a little action is better than nothing. Stand on an insulating mat or clothing bag (but not on a backpack or suitcase, as the metal frame and zipper can attract lightning), squat down, heels together, tiptoe, hands covered ears, head down, eyes closed. Hold this position until the danger passes.

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【Field Skills】How to ensure safety when encountering lightning weather outdoors?