Most tents are installed on SUVs, but in fact, the roof rack of cars is strong enough to install a roof tent. So a car wants to install a roof tent before it must be equipped with a high-strength roof rack or crossbar, tents are very common in foreign countries these days, but in fact, there have long been decades. When it was first born in Australia, it was loved by the locals. The idea was simply to prevent those creepy crawlies from breaking into your tent while camping.

The roof beam is the foundation of the tent and must ensure strength. Only if it is light enough, the roof tent can be used safely. With a strong enough roof rails, you can install the roof tent, and the installation is easy. The bottom of the tent is a high-strength composite panel with special plywood clips that can be firmly clamped to the roof rails. When installing, tighten the screws, check whether the screws are loose on the way, and properly tighten once. This tent is usually folded and put away similar to the roof luggage, wind resistance is small, easy to open and close.

Different roofs are equipped with different crossbars so that the roof tent can be installed quickly and safely

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